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You can have your own I.D. Shop at your party! We created a lifesize store front (10' wide x 8' tall) that we set up at your event. Guests choose from over 400 different styles of Novelty "Fake" I.D. cards. The choice of I.D. cards is displayed in the ID Card Shops two windows, and after guests choose their I.D. card, they have their photo taken in front of the "door". They can preview their photo in the I.D. card they chose on our TV display before it is printed out.
Our service is by the hour so guests can pick as many Novelty I.D. Cards as they want! Note: TV Display & Hologram overlays are optional upgrades.

Choices include occupational, sports, fantasy, funny, student I.D.'s, movie inspired, sci-Fi, government & military I.D.'s, pop culture, novelty licences, credit cards, and more! we print them out with a High Definition Photo I.D. Card Printer just like the ones the DMV uses!

These are highly realistic I.D. Cards, not the cheap laminated paper ones Some companies use. Our ID card Machines are High Definition, Dye Sublimation printers that can print foil designs & holograms like the DMV uses. We can use our embossing/Debossing Machines to make your novelty credit cards more realistic. (Look at a real credit card and you'll notice the Raised numbers, that's called embossing). To get the embossed part of the card to have the foil print you have to use a machine called a tipper.

There are many types of Dye Sub I.D. card printers. Most of the cheaper ones are called "Direct to card" printers. They range in price from $800.-$2000. and they do a decent job for 1-2 years. But they will start having problems b/C the print head is in direct contact with the card when printing so it wears out. (That's why they are called "Direct-To-Card" pinters) When you buy one of these printers the print head is waranteed for 1 year because the company knows they will break. We do not use these types of printers because we don't want to have this problem in the middle of your party! our print heads are guaranteed for life b/C They use a newer technology where the print head never touches the card. These types of printers range in price from $5000-$15000. Most of our competitors don't use them and therefor can't compete, but they wont admit it!
To all the older siblings of the Guest Of Honor: No, we Can not make you a fake ID.

Additional I.D. Card Services:

Pre-printed Seating cards.

Credit Cards

Ex. Cruise cards

Customized reverse side of I.D. cards with your logo/Design

personalized V.I.P. or Backstage passes designed with your Artwork

I.D. card embossing/Debossing

Lamination Services- Cards are protected with a laminating film that can contain your artwork or a custom hologram!

we can supply I.D. holders, baggage straps, Lanyards, and more!

Downloadable file of all the I.D.s taken at your event

web slide show so all your guests can view all the I.D.s online.


We used to list many of our IDs below, but we Learned some of our competitors were copying our "Original" I.D. card designs so they could offer the same services we have been offering for years. We know this because we found them offering some designs that were identical to Cards we designed! We don't believe in coincidences! Sorry for the incovenience but we can't continue to give away ideas to those that don't have their own.

guests can choose from I.D.'s such as:

New York City taxi cab License
Back Stage Pass
Press Pass
Assorted State Drivers Licenses
Astrological I.D. cards
Novelty Credit cards
Sports teams I.D.Cards
FBI I.D. card
Navy s.E.A.L. Team Identification Card
kissing license
Life Guard
Shopaholic Card
Official Idiot card
...and Many more!

For more IDs please contact us


Cocktail Hour Entertainment provides the best in entertainment services for the cocktail hour at your Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or other Special Event. Our services are available for just 1 hour or for the entire party.

We provide Airbrush Party Favors (AirBrush Shirts, AirBrush Pillows, AirBrush Boxers, AirBrush Hats, etc....), AirBrush Tattoo Artists, Air Hockey Tables, Attitude Hats, Baseball Speed Pitch, Basketball Pop-A-Shot, Bead Factory, Bling Station, Bubble Hockey, Bungee Run, Candy Cart, Caricaturist, Carnival Games, Casino Tables, Coldstone Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Heads (Boogie Bodies/ Pop Noggins), Dippin Dots, Dog Tags & Keychains, Fantasy/Fake I.D. Cards, Flipbook Photos, Flip Flop Shop (Sandal Art), Foosball, Foam Dance Pit, Football Toss, Fun Foods, Giant Board Games, Giant Twister, Glitter Tattoos, Goldfish Racing, Golf Challenge, Green Screen Photos, Guitar Hero, Gyroscope, Hermit Crab Racing, Hollywood Photos (Red Carpet Photos), Hose Hockey, Jukebox Rental, Magazine Covers, Mechanical Bull, Money Machine, Movie Posters, Pinball Machines, Photo Booths, Photo Favors (Photo Novelties & Green Screen), Ping Pong & Ping Pong Table (4-Player), Poker Tables, Pool Table, Pool Table Golf, Popcorn Machine, Prize Wheel, Pucker Powder (Sandy Candy), Rice Jewelry, Rock Band, Rope Ladder Climb, Skill Crane, Sky Dancer, Slot Car Racing, Slotless Car Racing Systems (Microreality)Sno Kones, SnowBoard Simulator, Surfboard Simulator (RoboSurfer), Sumo Suits, Velcro Wall, Video Game Systems, Wax Hands, and much more!

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